Summertime and the living is ... smokin'

The Canadian forest fires continue to rage up north and the smoke casts a shadow over some of summer's activities but we carry on and dance and sing and let the good times roll… 

Please join me at the Limerick Pub on Thursday July 6. I'll have Zelltone Alum - Bob Purdy with me. Bob has been busy the past few years backing up Bluesman Taz Cruz and now with the Ron Spenser Band so its great to catch him for a gig. Bob and I go way back, I better not say how far - I'll scare myself. He is a super talented, versatile bass player and I look forward to sharing a great night of music with him at the Limerick. 

The Meshuggah Sisters is side project birthed from the Yiddish word - Meshuggah. Antique Underground Syracuse business man and world traveler, Bruce Block introduced me to the word defined loosely as not given to practical matters and slightly crazy! And often used to refer to certain personages of the female gender (oy). Who can't get behind that. 

The group is fun and off the cuff, and serves up a recipe of home-spun and traditional tunes for your toe-tappin and struttin' pleasure. Join us as we roam through the Syracuse Arts and Crafts Show in St. Mary's Circle on Friday and Saturday afternoon July 28 and 29. Expect the Meshuggah Sisters to dish out entertaining songs on guitar, ukulele, percussion, washtub bass and who knows what else - add the vocal harmonies and crazy fun! The Syracuse Arts and Crafts Show is a great combination of roving musicians, the best Artwork the Northeast has to offer, and classic food truck fare. Summeeeertime and the living is easy…  

Check my August schedule for gringa grooves with Dos XX and a daring duo at the Dinosaur BBQ in the infamous Bone Yard. Meantime enjoy the warm weather and thunderous storms of life. Have a great summer - enjoy! 

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