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I am performing with some old friends and some new, the band is in flux and reinventing itself with Rolland Brunet still holding down the bass and Lenny Printup on the drum. We ride into out next gig at Shifty's (6/8) as a trio. 

I have my eyes out for other players as well, perhaps a guitar or piano - that would be a blast. Tamaralee, Dan and Curtis are off to new musical adventures and I wish them well. 

My nephew Brad  Zell is a talent classical pianist and farly new to the guitar - a beautiful player with a great ear and killer chops. He will join me for a few tunes at Shifty's Bar on Burnet Ave in Syracuse. I continue to work with good friend and wonderful vocalist/songwriter Colleen Kattau. Kattau will also drop in to the band at Shifty's! Be there or be missing out. 

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